Applying for a Loan

Calgary Foundation’s Impact Investing Program allows funds beyond those available for granting each year to support impactful projects in the community. As a loan rather than a grant, impact investments are repaid with interest.

What are the benefits of borrowing from Calgary Foundation?

  • We might say yes when banks say no. We can feel confident making loans when conventional lenders may not, because we are often familiar with organizations who apply, and we understand how funding works in the charitable sector.
  • We can tailor your repayment plan. We recognize cashflow can be bumpy when you are waiting for grants and donations to arrive, and we can match payment schedules to anticipated revenue. We also never charge a penalty for early repayment, so you can choose to pay off your loan early.
  • We aim to move at your pace. We support investees to take advantage of time sensitive opportunities. While our due diligence process does take time, we will be as flexible as possible to meet your timelines.
  • We provide hands-on mentorship. We support loan applicants with coaching and guidance, and work with organizations at various stages in their comfort and readiness to borrow funds.
  • We reinvest in community. We recycle repayments back into the community, which means funds from your donors and supporters go on to do more good.

Your first step towards an impact loan is a preliminary discussion about your project and financing needs. Read the guidelines below for more information about the process of applying, and contact Alex Laidlaw, Impact Investment Associate to discuss your investment opportunity.

Impact Guidelines

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Program Overview

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Investments to Date

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Loan Readiness

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