Impact Investing

Loans for Nonprofits

Impact Investments provide nonprofit loans to Calgary and area charitable and nonprofit organizations working in all parts of the community.



How can impact investment loans for nonprofits help?

These special nonprofit loans are useful in many ways, no matter what the size or scale of your nonprofit, below are a few examples:

  • Do you feel confident grants, donations, or financing will be arriving soon, but don’t want to wait to create meaningful change? Nonprofit financing can bridge the gap in the short-term to accelerate your impact.
  • Do you intend to grow or replicate a proven charitable enterprise? Nonprofit financing can help you take advantage of when the timing is right to scale up your operations.
  • Do you need more financing than what is available from a traditional lender? Nonprofit financing can boost your capital or growth projects to take your mission farther, faster.


Is your project loan-ready? When evaluating a potential impact loan, the Calgary Foundation reviews the community benefit of your project and evaluates the level of risk associated with your plan to repay the loan. Learn more here.

The Impact Investing Program allows funds beyond those available for granting each year to support impactful projects in the community. As a loan rather than a grant, impact investments are repaid with interest. Learn about the benefits of borrowing from Calgary Foundation.