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The enhanced DonorCentral platform is now live!

DonorCentral is an online Fund management tool for Calgary Foundation Fund holders to view fund balances, get fund statements, make grant recommendations, review their history and explore philanthropy resources. With the help of our technology partner Blackbaud, we recently gave DonorCentral a fresh new look, making it compatible on all devices. Plus, the new platform is easier to navigate, with Fund details and grant history displayed right on the main page.

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Questions about the new DonorCentral?

Browse through the FAQs below, or contact Kathy at 403-802-7304 or [email protected] (support available Monday to Friday from 8 am – 4 pm MST).

Please note that charities with Charitable Endowment Funds at Calgary Foundation no longer have access to DonorCentral. Charitable Endowment Funds will now receive emailed financial reports bi-annually. Should you have any questions about this transition, please feel free to contact Allison Schulz directly at 403-802-7703 or [email protected]


The enhanced DonorCentral platform launches on Monday, October 22 2018.

With our technology partner Blackbaud, it is our priority to ensure that all Fund information is fully protected. This is why you see new features on the login page – to make DonorCentral even more secure.

No, the old login page no longer exists, and your account information and settings have been securely transferred to the new platform. All the features you are used to are included on the new and improved platform.

Yes. Your account information and settings have been securely transferred to the new platform.

No. Your Fund information and settings have stayed the same.

The Funds you hold with Calgary Foundation.

The enhanced DonorCentral platform is compatible on all devices and features a refreshed look, improved navigation, and enhanced philanthropy resources.

You either need to check the “I agree” checkbox on the recommendation form OR the grant amount you entered is less than $250.

The enhanced DonorCentral platform works best on Chrome and Firefox browsers.

If you have an error using Safari, please click file>new private window.

If you have any questions about DonorCentral, contact our Donor Grants Administrator.

Kathy Westhaver