Impact Investing

Impact Investments provide debt financing to Calgary and area charitable organizations working in all parts of the community.

A Calgary Foundation Impact Investment can... 

Read the guidelines below for more information about the process and contact the Calgary Foundation’s Community Investment Associate to discuss your investment opportunity. 



Investments to Date

Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary (AAFS) seeks a loan of $175,000 to train staff to implement a new software to help autistic adults with daily independent living activities.

The Kahanoff Centre for Charitable Activities (KCCA) builds a second tower which doubles the amount of space KCCA is able to offer.  KCCA approached its shareholder, the Calgary Foundation, to guarantee construction financing of up to $32.3 million.

cSPACE transforms the 100 year-old sandstone King Edward School into a 21st Century hub for creativity. Impact Investing enabled cSPACE’s purchase of the school and its grounds with mortgage financing of $8 million. 

   KCCA second tower                                                King Edward School - cSPACE transformation