Community Knowledge Centre

The Community Knowledge Centre (CKC) connects you to the outstanding charitable organizations building our community and changing lives.

Work for a charity that serves Calgary and area? Join CKC!

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  • Must be a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency
  • Must directly serve Calgary and area
  • Join the leading group of charitable organizations profiling their impact in the community
  • Expand your organization’s reach into the community at no charge
  • Discover opportunities for collaboration and partnerships within the sector
  • Increase your marketing and communication skills through specialized workshops and events

You can update your profile at any time following these two easy steps: 
1.  Log in and click the blue button that says “Edit Your Organization”
2. Once you’ve updated your profile, click the blue button in the top right hand corner that says “Update”

  1. Use the lost password function on the login page
  2. If you do not know the username or email address for your account, please contact Emily.

Have a question about CKC? I can help.

Emily Nachtigall - Communications Specialist