Types of Grants

Strategic Opportunity Grants

Strategic Opportunity Grants support small to mid-sized Calgary and area qualified donees with small, time-sensitive, strategic initiatives that fall into one of two categories.

Organization Development
When charities identify a time-sensitive opportunity to bring outside expertise into the organization in order to build capacity, strengthen board governance, conduct HR assessments, or support professional development.

Program Development
When charities identify a time-sensitive opportunity to strategically advance their work by piloting a new program idea, testing an innovative enhancement to current program offerings, or improving outcomes for program participants.

Example initiatives include, but are not limited to supporting:

  • Unique collaborations or participation in one-time events or learning opportunities
  • Reorganization during and after a change in leadership or board renewal
  • Small feasibility studies or evaluations for shared services, collaborations, or mergers


Grant request deadlines are midnight on the 1st of each month.

Read the Strategic Opportunity Grants Guidelines to learn about eligibility and the new grant request process. Please contact Grants Staff to discuss eligibility or click here to schedule a conversation.

To start your application, click on “Online Grants Portal.”


Strategic Opportunity Grants Guidelines

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