Types of Grants

Major Grants

Major Grants support single or multi-year, large-scale initiatives with transformational impact that broadly enrich the community.

Eligible initiatives:

  • Align with the Calgary Foundation’s mission, vision and priority areas
  • Positively impact our community by addressing major issues and encouraging participation in charitable activities from a great number of people
  • Encourage innovative partnerships and collaboration
  • Are at an advanced stage of readiness
  • Demonstrate good planning, a firm case for financial support and sustainability, organization resilience, and secure leadership that demonstrates trusted relationships, significant or unique reach in community and capacity to drive change
  • Significantly enhance the Calgary Foundation’s ability to serve as a philanthropic leader

The Major Grants program can only accept applications from registered charities and other qualified donees. Go to the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Listings website to determine whether your organization is a qualified donee.  If you are not a qualified donee, it may be possible to apply in partnership with a registered charity. Check out the Better Together guide for more information about working in partnership.

The proposed initiative must significantly benefit Calgary and area communities, which includes Calgary, Banff National Park, Canmore, Rocky View County, the Municipal Districts of Big Horn, Foothills, Kananaskis and Wheatland, and the surrounding First Nations of Treaty 7 territory.

Next grant intake:

Applications are accepted once per year. The next deadline is November 1st.

How to apply:

Review the program guidelines carefully.

These resources are designed to support the program guidelines.

Applications are accepted through our Online Grant Portal. You can access the portal by clicking on the Online Grant Portal button below. Grants staff are available to assist you through the application process.

It is important you book a meeting to discuss your initiative prior to September 15th.

Book a meeting here

Online Grant Portal

You have the option of providing a fulsome case for support that was developed for other potential funders or donors. Please check with Grants Staff prior to submitting to ensure it meets the needs of the Major Grants committee.

Previous Grant Recipients

Collective Group Systems Change Pilot

Calgary Foundation is committed to systemic change. A 3-year pilot program has been launched to support transformational and lasting change by placing trust and shifting decision-making closer to the impacted communities. Significant and flexible funding to Black, Indigenous and racialized communities will provide critical time and space for relationship-building, autonomy and shared solutions.

How we fund is as important as what we fund. Calgary Foundation has a strong community-driven approach that includes a diversity of volunteers who represent the community in our decision-making.

Pilot Project Groups

Questions? Contact our Grants Associate at 403-802-7309

Ingrid Wasylyshen