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Stepping Stones encourages active citizenship by helping grassroots community groups undertake small creative projects that build a sense of inclusive belonging in local communities.  We offer grant support of up to $1,000 for project expenses.
Stepping Stones supports projects that:
  • Build connections between people and their local neighbourhoods and communities.
  • Celebrate the importance of knowing neighbours  – through the joys and struggles of regular daily life and in times of community stress.
  • Are driven by people in their own neighbourhoods and communities. The projects are slightly different than programs provided by organizations to communities because community members themselves must play a meaningful leadership role.
Projects we support tend to be projects where people:
  • Engage people in creative ways to build connections and/or to address shared concerns
  • Foster a sense of pride and presence
  • Give people the chance to get involved in community life
  • Think inclusively about their community’s composition and work creatively to involve people from whom involvement is difficult

Connect with Calgary and area’s network of people building belonging and well-being at the neighbourhood and community level.

Grant Request Process at a Glance

Apply anytime. We aim to let you know within four weeks if your project will be awarded a Stepping Stones.

We aim to let you know within four weeks if your project will be awarded a Stepping Stones.

If your project is awarded a Stepping Stones, we will let you know how to stay in touch and how to report project results.


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