The nature of philanthropy is changing so charities and nonprofits need to consider new ways of planning for their future, and think of new ways to fundraise for greater sustainability.

A more sustainable charitable sector is one that is better equipped for long-term solutions. More time can be devoted to mission and impact if staff are doing less fundraising or working under the perennial stress of economic cycles or granting application deadlines.

We can have discussions with charities about ways to diversify their revenue: from Charitable Endowments, to Funds Administered for Others to Impact Investments, and more. By working with the Calgary Foundation, you gain access to our knowledgeable staff, leading investment management, and strategies to ensure funds grow for the benefit of your organization, now and into the future.

Ways to Diversify Your Charity’s Revenue Strategy

  • Charitable Endowments are Funds held in perpetuity at the Calgary Foundation to provide an annual disbursement to support the annual operations of a charity.
  • Long-Term Pooling Agreements are assets pooled alongside the Calgary Foundation’s primary endowment, also known as a Fund Administered for Others.
  • The Canada Cultural Investment Fund provides encourages private donors to contribute to endowment Funds for not-for-profit professional arts organizations, so they can access new sources of funding in the future.

Interested in chatting about diverse revenue-generation strategies?

Contact Allison Schulz

Calgary Foundation’s team can help you create the type of fund best suited to your mission. Hear from charities who’ve benefited in working alongside us below.

Kids Cancer Care

"When we set out to establish a legacy in honour of my son who I lost to brain cancer we discovered that a scholarship endowment at Calgary Foundation to help survivors attend post secondary education was the best path forward." Read the full story...

Miistakis Institute

"While the idea of letting go of our “rainy day” fund that we built up over 20 years was initially daunting, Allison from Calgary Foundation’s Capacity Building team showed us the power that a long term pooling agreement had to offer some longer term financial stability." Read the full story...

The New Gallery

"When we reached our milestone 40th anniversary of The New Gallery we wanted to look at ways of being more financially stable for the next 40 years. We approached Calgary Foundation to see if they could help advise us beyond our existing grantee relationship." Read the full story...

Genesis Centre

"If your non-profit is developing a long term sustainability strategy, include Calgary Foundation in your research. Having the power of more than seven decades of building community in your pocket is amazing - they have the expertise, the right mandate and the experience." Read the full story...

Interested in discussing options beyond grants? 

Allison Schulz

Vice-President, Capacity Building