Capacity Building

Calgary Foundation’s promise is to build community. Forever.

Our grants make an important difference to community, but a community foundation can’t ignore that work also needs to be done at systems-level. We understand that our role must evolve to tackle some tough questions about the health of our community if we truly want to build it forever.

That is why Calgary Foundation is focusing even more effort on the entire social ecosystem with a dedicated Capacity Building Team. Through this team, we hope to forge more and deeper connections among stakeholders, so we may all be better informed and equipped to shift outcomes across that system. We are building a process that looks something like this: We will scan and survey, learn, gather, convene and spark collaboration, share community knowledge and, together, make sense of it all.

Capacity Building has three key mandates:

  • Bring people together – to collaborate and communicate more
  • Help nonprofits and charities become more sustainable
  • Provide tools and ideas to foster sharing over competition