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Whether it’s legacy giving through a charitable bequest in your will, or supporting your passions during your lifetime, Calgary Foundation can help create a meaningful philanthropic legacy for you and your family.

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How to start a fund

Calgary Foundation pays for service and investment management fees by recovering costs from all our Funds.

Impact of your Fund

Our endowment calculator can show you how your gift can grow and having a lasting impact.

Types of Funds

Creating a Fund at the Calgary Foundation helps philanthropists, and their families, achieve their charitable goals.

While most Funds at the Calgary Foundation are endowed, it is also possible to create non-endowed funds to allow for more immediate giving.

Donors place no restrictions on the use of the contributions and entrust Calgary Foundation with the task of identifying community priorities and the charitable organizations best able to meet them.

Donors can direct their charitable giving to a general area of interest. Calgary Foundation makes grants to the charitable organizations best able to meet needs in the chosen field.

Donors are actively involved in recommending support for organizations and causes that matter to them.  Family succession is extended to two consecutive generations beyond Founding Donors.

When exploring structures that support your strategic giving options, it is helpful to be aware of the similarities and differences between various providers. In addition to start-up costs and administrative requirements, tax reporting and resource needs, Calgary Foundation can educate you about leading community issues, and help you navigate complex issues like multi generational giving. Read our ‘Comparing Your Options‘ guideline.

Established to support specific charitable organizations.  If a designated organization merges or ceases to exist, the annual distributions are redirected to the successor entity, failing which to an organization with a similar mission.

Donors can establish a Fund to receive a bequest left in their Will(s) to Calgary Foundation.  Direction provided may be amended by the Founding Donors during their lifetime.

Created by donors to commemorate a person, family or important event. Initially, these Funds are deemed ‘Donor Advised Flow Through’ until the family’s readiness to confirm direction and structure after which the relevant documentation is formalized.

Designated Student Award Fund
Donors establish a Fund designated to a specific educational institution that selects deserving individuals pursuing education or training.

Donor Advised Student Award Fund
Calgary Foundation administers the Fund by creating and distributing applications and disbursing funds to the institution the selected recipient is attending.

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Leah Johnson-Clark

Donor Relations Advisor