Black-led/Black-serving organizations in our community

Calgary Foundation is on a journey to be better allies.

Over the coming days we will be centering local Black voices and Black-led/Black-serving organizations in our community.

If you have suggestions to add to this list, please email us.

Action Committee for Black Affairs Calgary 
Action Dignity
Afri-Can Connect Society
African Sudanese Association of Calgary – (403) 265-5560
Afros in tha City
Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
Alberta Network of Immigrant Women 
Alliance Cameroon Community Association 
Antigua and Barbuda Association of Calgary 
Association de la Communauté Haitienne de Calgary (Haiti Association of Calgary) 
Association des Guinéens de Calgary – Guinean Association of Calgary 
Association of Zimbabweans In Calgary 
Barbados Canadian Association of Calgary 
Bor Community Association of Calgary 
Calgary Black Chamber
Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth 
Calgary Canadian Sudanese Community Association
Calgary Catholic Immigration Society 
Calgary Eritrean Cultural Civic Centre 
Calgary Ethiopian Community Association 
Calgary Ethiopian Youth Alliance 
Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association 
Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council 
Cameroonian Association of Calgary 
Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation 
Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association – CCFA Calgary 
Caribbean Community Council of Calgary
Centre d’Accueil pour les Nouveaux Arrivants Francophones de la région de Calgary 
Centre for Newcomers 
Coalition for Equal Access to Education 
CommunityWise Resource Centre 
Congolese Community of Calgary 
Diversity Initiatives for New Immigrants Association 
East Oromia Self Help Community
Eritrean Canadian Community Association of Calgary 
Excel Family and Youth Society 
Freedom Tree 
Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Calgary 
Grenada/Canada Social and Cultural Association of Calgary 
Haiti Association of Calgary 
Immigrant Services Calgary 
Inclusion Factor
Jamaican Canadian Association of Alberta 
Nigerian-Canadian Association of Calgary 
Oromo Muslim Association of Alberta 
Portail de l’immigrant Association 
Rwandan Canadian Society of Calgary 
Sankofa Arts and Music Foundation 
Senegalese Association of Calgary 
Soccer Without Boundaries 
Somali Canadian Society of Calgary 
SOS Congo Foundation 
South Sudanese Community Association of Calgary 
St. Lucia Calgary Cultural Association 
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Association of Calgary 
Sudanese Social Club
Sudanese Youth and Family Services 
Tanzanian Community Association of Calgary 
The Colour Factor 
The Immigrant Education Society 
The Unlearning Channel 
Trinidad and Tobago Canadian Association of Calgary 
Windmill Microlending 
Woezo Africa
YYC Eritreans 
YYC Voices