Advisor FAQ’s

Q: How do I know if giving through Calgary Foundation is right for my client?
A: Our approach is entirely focused on facilitating your client’s philanthropy.  This enables you and your client to be more fully informed about the options for strategic giving.


Q: How can I recommend a nonprofit gift without recommending a specific nonprofit?
A: We offer a variety of donor directed Fund types, and one of these is a “Field of Interest Fund.  This structure is designed to capture the donor family’s preferences for charitable purposes without requiring the designation to a specific charity or non-profit.  We also provide guidance in the language to make the interest area readily interpreted in the foreseeable future.


Q: How do I start the discussion about philanthropy?
A: Reference this guide provided by the provided by CAGP, GIV3 and Philanthropic Foundations Canada


Q: What is the minimum gift required to start a fund?
A: $10,000. However, we are most amenable to establishing a Fund with less than the required minimum to allow additional capital contributions over 2 or so years to be made to reach the minimum before annual grants will be distributed.


Q: Can my client gift a life insurance policy? 
A: Yes. There are several ways to do this. Details can be found here.


Q: Where can I learn more about planned giving? 
A: The Canadian Association of Planned Giving (CAGP) is a Canadian professional association that brings together charitable fundraisers and professional advisors.  A valued partner to Calgary Foundation, they provide current resources and professional development in all areas of gift planning.


Q: Who can I speak with at Calgary Foundation about my questions regarding estate planning?

Riz Nathoo, Vice President, Donor Engagement
Phone: 403-802-7307