Racial Equity

Since its inception, Calgary Foundation has strived to be strategic and responsive to the changing community and changing community needs.

Calgary is a strong and vibrant community with a rich diversity of people. Our community is stronger because of this diversity, and we recognize that racism and other forms of systemic inequities exist and must be addressed to make Calgary Foundation and our community even stronger. Organizations are stronger and the work they do is more effective with a diverse team. We are working to actively seek this diversity of lived experience and to create an organizational culture where diverse peoples – staff, volunteers, and board – can raise their perspectives authentically and for those voices to matter and impact decisions.

Action 1

We are committed to addressing systemic bias and barriers based on inequities, race and discrimination. We understand that barriers are amplified with intersectionality.

How we will do it

Action 2

Achieving reconciliation and equity, overcoming systemic bias, and removing barriers can only be accomplished by actively listening, learning, growing, shifting and often being challenged with how and what we learn. We are passionately pursuing these worthy goals of reconciliation and equity with concrete informed actions, co-developed with those we work with and seek to serve. We understand that this is an on-going process of learning and informed decision making and action with no completion date.

How we will do it

Action 3

We foster inclusive and equitable relationships by working with diverse peoples, by striving to be an inclusive organization reflective of and responsive to the community, and communities we work in. We want to ensure many voices and experiences are heard and reflected in our decisions, policies, how we work, and who we are.

How we will do it

Action 4

Elevated voices and empowered communities constitute a gateway for people to thrive and reach their greater potential.

How we will do it


This Equity Strategy and our progress will be annually reviewed by the Board, facilitated by the Governance Committee.


If your organization or grassroots group is undertaking anti-racism work please explore our granting programs for possible support, or contact us for assistance.

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