About Us

Since 1955, Calgary Foundation has been nurturing a healthy, vibrant, giving and caring community.

The Foundation facilitates collaborative philanthropy by making powerful connections between donors and community organizations for the long-term benefit of Calgary and area. In 2017-18,  Calgary Foundation saw $34.0 million in new contributions, had an asset base of $975.3 million and granted $45.2 million to 919 charitable organizations.

It is the strategic partnerships with our generous fundholders and effective nonprofits that enable us to do great work and build a vibrant community. The strength and value of a community foundation is reflected in a strong and sustainable charitable sector.


The Vision for the Future

Calgary Foundation works to create a community where citizens are engaged in community building at all levels, a city that is healthy and vibrant, that embraces diversity and supports all its members, and where a strong and sustainable charitable sector serves community needs. Our goal is to inspire:

  • a giving and caring community that values sharing, collaborating and learning;
  • a community with citizens engaged in community-building at all levels;
  • a healthy, vibrant community that embraces diversity and supports all of its people;
  • a strong and sustainable charitable sector serving the existing and emerging needs of the community.
Calgary Foundation Strategy

Our work is grounded in knowledge, focused through experience, inspired by relationships and pulled forward by a strong vision. This is reflected in our Calgary Foundation Strategy.

What is a Community Foundation?

In the simplest terms, community foundations are charitable organizations dedicated to improving communities in specific geographical areas. Foundations do this by pooling the charitable gifts of donors to create endowment funds and using the investment income to make grants.Calgary Foundation is a member of Community Foundations of Canada, the national membership organization for the 191 community foundations across Canada.


Fast Facts 2017 – 2018
  • 34.0 million received in new gifts
  • Asset base of $975.3 million
  • $45.2 million granted to 919 charitable organizations
  • 52 new funds established
  • Ten year compound return — Primary endowment portfolio returned 7.82%, benchmark indices 6.30%
  • One year compound return — Primary endowment portfolio returned 7.72%, benchmark indices 5.60%



Calgary Foundation is an accredited member of Imagine Canada’s Standards Program.

Canada Revenue Agency Charitable Number: 108074436RR0001