Flood Rebuilding Fund

The Calgary Foundation established the Flood Rebuilding Fund to support long-term rebuilding efforts following the June 2013 Alberta Flood. The $9.1 million fund supported 131 grants to flood-related charitable initiatives in communities across Southern Alberta—including those hardest hit by the flooding in Calgary, Canmore, Exshaw, High River and the surrounding First Nation reserves.

The fund was able to support a broad range of services and initiatives thanks to the generosity of many donors and volunteers. From enhancing direct services for housing, access to food, and counselling for trauma, anxiety and stress to assisting with projects that rebuild community gathering places such as parks, community halls and play areas. We have come together to aid in restoring our communities and our quality of life. 

Thank you to the organizations and community leaders that served on our Flood Rebuilding Fund Grants Committee by offering their expertise and assisting the Calgary Foundation’s grant-making decisions: Altalink, Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, Canadian Red Cross, Federation of Calgary Communities, Suncor Energy Foundation and United Way of Calgary and Area. 


Other programs for assistance: