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Pitch Night: Neighbour Grants LIVE

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Pitch Night encourages Calgarians to pitch their ideas to improve, enhance, or revitalize their community or neighbourhood.

Due to the COVID-19 public health measures, we were unable to hold our annual Pitch Night gathering in April 2020 as planned. While we cancelled the Pitch Night event, we did not cancel the Pitch Night grants. Thanks to the partnership between Calgary Foundation and RBC Foundation, we awarded grants to nine community projects and are working with each one on when and how they will be able to hold their community-building gatherings, once the public health restrictions are lifted. We will celebrate each of the nine projects when they happen.

Pitch Night builds on the success of four years of “Soul of the City Neighbour Grants.” Visit our YouTube Channel to see stories of some past “Soul” grant recipients to see the spirit of the projects we have in mind.

 Grant Request Process at a Glance

March 2, 2020: Application closes, 11:59 pm. Only applications received by Calgary Foundation no later than 11:59 pm will be considered.

Mid-March 2020: Finalists are selected, notified, and offered coaching session(s) on how to present their project.

Saturday, April 4, 2020: Finalists present their pitches to a live studio audience and grants are awarded. The event runs 3 to 6 pm. Tickets go on sale mid-March.

Follow the project stories on Calgary Foundation social media.