Undergraduate & Graduate Students

IMPORTANT: Online application forms will be available at least two months prior to application deadlines. For detailed awards description, download the UNDERGRADUATE & GRADUATE STUDENTS AWARDS CRITERIA document.

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  • Jim Dinning / Calgary Lougheed Scholarship  DEADLINE: May 15, midnight
    • For students entering their second year of full-time studies in their first undergraduate program and attending one of the following institutions: Alberta College of Art & Design, Bow Valley College, Mount Royal University, SAIT, or University of Calgary. Students demonstrate commitment to community development and leadership (have contributed to the community by volunteering through community organizations, athletics, and cultural or political activities) and strong academic achievement. One award valued at $1,500 minimum.
  • The Kinsmen Club of Calgary Scholarship  DEADLINE: May 15, midnight
    • For students currently attending an accredited post-secondary institution in Canada enrolled in their final year of any degree or diploma program. Students demonstrate commitment to community development and leadership, are in need of financial support, and have satisfactory academic standing. For students who are residents of southern Alberta or have graduated from a southern Alberta High School. There are three awards at approximately $1,000 each. 
  • John Shirra Memorial Scholarship  DEADLINE: June 1, midnight
    • For students enrolled in 3rd or 4th year of the Bachelor of Commerce program at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary who demonstrate commitment to community development and leadership. Financial need may be considered.  Two awards valued at $1,500 each.
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  • The Kyle Block Scholarship  DEADLINE: June 1, midnight

    • For a student in any year studying engineering, economics and law and are or have been active in competitive sport, music, fine arts or social justice issues through direct participation or volunteer activities, demonstrating high academic achievement and financial need, enrolled or awaiting confirmation of enrollment at a post-secondary in Alberta, Saskatchewan or British Columbia. One or more awards at a minimum of $2,500.
  • Shannon Burwash Award for Leadership and Excellence in Equine, Agri-Business and/or Agricultural Studies  DEADLINE: June 1, 2016 midnight
    • For students entering more advanced years of study (third year and beyond) in any field of study with emphasis on horses, agriculture, agribusiness, animal health technology, or equine veterinary medicine at an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution. One award valued at $2,000.

  • Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences  June 1, midnight
    • For a student enrolled in a Library Technician program, Certificate Program, Undergraduate or Graduate degree at a Canadian post-secondary who demonstrates a passion for the library sciences field and is able to demonstrate financial need. One or more awards at approximately $1,000.
  • Fogolâr Furlan di Calgary Scholarship in Italian Studies  DEADLINE: June 30, midnight
    • For students who are Alberta residents (or residents studying outside the province) pursuing a major or minor in Italian Studies, entering second, third or fourth year. Students must have achieved a GPA 3.0 or higher in previous year’s studies and be committed to Italian culture. One award at approximately $1,200.
  • Kathleen & Russell Lane Canadian Art Award  DEADLINE: June 30, midnight
    • For students registered in full-time study entering their final year of studies in visual arts (excluding electronic media) with good academic standing. One award at approximately $1,000, applied directly to tuition. 
  • Optimist Club William J. Cummer Scholarship  DEADLINE: June 30, midnight
    • For students who are Calgary residents and Canadian citizens entering their final year of study in a certificate, degree or diploma program, demonstrating volunteerism, service to youth, and leadership. Students must be in need of financial support and have good academic standing. Preference given to students from the Calgary area. One award at approximately $2,500. 
  • Phyllis Weston English Scholarship  DEADLINE: June 30, midnight
    • For a student (Canadian citizen, Alberta resident) who has attended final year of high school in Calgary, registered full-time at the University of Alberta, University of Calgary or University of Lethbridge, entering final year of studies in an Education Degree program with a specialization in English, planning to become a high school English teacher. Good academic standing is required. One award at approximately $1000.
  • The Kathryn Huget Leadership Award  DEADLINE: June 30, midnight
    • Students must be studying at the Master’s or PhD level, preferably studying in the areas of: organizational behaviour, business administration, business and commerce, sociology or psychology. Awarded to any individual, with preference given to female students currently in leadership roles, whose focus is to improve the business workplace for women. One award valued at a minimum of $1,000. 
Most of the Calgary Foundation’s awards are for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.