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Grassroots Grants

The Calgary Foundation has been providing Grassroots Grants since 1999.

Neighbour Grantsour first grassroots granting program, has helped hundreds of community associations, faith groups, school communities, and charitable organizations build community gardens, paint neighbourhood murals, celebrate diversity and belonging, and lead many other kinds of projects to strengthen the fabric of neighbourhood and community life.

Soul of the City Neighbour Grants is our annual special edition Neighbour Grants, offered each spring thanks to a partnership with Calgary Economic Development and RBC Foundation. With five grants of $10,000 available, this is our largest grassroots grant.  

Stepping Stones was added in 2006, thanks to a partnership with First Calgary Financial, to help even more Calgarians bring their project ideas to life, from neighbourhood knitting circles and bike swaps to free family carnivals that raise awareness about local poverty and community info sessions on how to vote.

The kinds of things groups do with their grassroots grants vary tremendously. What stays the same:

To learn more about the field of grassroots grantmaking, check out the resources of the Grassroots Grantmakers network.

To learn more about the spirit of Calgary Foundation grassroots grants, visit our YouTube Channel to view our Soul of the City Neighbour Grant recipients.

ActivateYYC Grants - apply HERE today.

To support, organize and administer these grants, the Federation of Calgary Communities has partnered with the City of Calgary and Walk21 to introduce the ActivateYYC program to local communities!

ActivateYYC is a new, one-time microgrant program that centers on local community projects that bring people together to walk, play and be neighbourly. These projects employ tactical urbanism – quick, temporary, and low-cost initiatives.

ActivateYYC will provide grants – averaging $750 – to organized groups and businesses to experiment with temporary local projects and events that motivate Calgarians to walk, play and be neighbourly. Projects are encouraged to take place in any season of the year.