Family Philanthropy

Len has his bucket. In it are lists of the things he values most in this world – the things he wants to ensure are preserved and advanced forever, like programs that promote excellent health care in Calgary, youth development, camps for children with special needs , international assistance, and support of his faith.

As his family grew, Len felt it was time to involve his wife, three daughters and their families in a more formal discussion around what that bucket means to him. He wanted to talk about how his children – and their children – might help him to extend the impactful work of his bucket or develop buckets of their own. “I want to share with my family the experience of being able to help people and change somebody’s life, knowing it will make my daughters feel great about life too – it elevates them.”

The family met with the Calgary Foundation and each member expressed their shared wish to create a family legacy that would support their individual interests as well as interests that they would focus on jointly. It was the beginning of a plan for how their legacy will unfold through Len’s next two generations.


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