Change leadership. Change communities.

GenYYC is a new leadership development program designed by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and Calgary Foundation. The goal of this program is simple: build great leaders, strong organizations and an engaged community.

This program connects Calgary’s emerging leaders to a network of individuals from all industries and sectors with the aim of inspiring social and community impact through collaboration. Participants will have the opportunity to better understand complex issues facing our city and be given a platform for envisioning how to address these challenges collectively.

What the program includes:
  • Immersive learning opportunities (“task force” days) built around emergent issues, from both the business and community sectors, that impact the city, and its citizens.
  • Collaborative, cross-sectoral activities, planning and executing high-impact projects and events.
  • Exclusive conversations with some of our city’s most dynamic community and business leaders.
  • Exposure to training and coaching sessions to further develop each participants’ leadership skills.
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with GenYYC program peers.


Want to learn more about the program?  Visit the GenYYC program website