Professional Advisors

Engaging Family

Why incorporate philanthropy into your practice?

Your clients are looking to you for direction.
Canadians are seeking ways to give back to their community through strategic, meaningful philanthropy.

You will provide more comprehensive service.
By discussing charitable giving with your clients, you are providing a wider spectrum of wealth management solutions.

You can determine your clients’ passions.
By talking to your clients about charitable giving, you obtain a better understanding of their values, principles and dreams.

Charitable giving strategies have tremendous tax benefits.
The income tax system is designed to recognize Canadians’ charitable donations.

You have the power to make a difference.
You have the power to direct and influence your clients’ thinking about charitable giving. Self-directed giving can be a more efficient method of contributing to the general welfare of the country than paying tax dollars.

Family Philanthropy Toolkit

Calgary Foundation recognizes that a deliberate approach to engaging next-generation family members is more likely to ensure the continuity of a family’s philanthropic goals.  These excerpts from the Workbook for Family Philanthropy* will help involve, inspire and assist you in helping your clients in the philanthropy planning process.

Download the Family Philanthropy conversation starter*

*All content in this workbook/guide was originally written and published by The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI), a nonprofit philanthropic advisory practice and adapted and reprinted by Calgary Foundation with TPI’s permission.