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Creating a Giving Strategy

When Matt and Peggy Aufricht got involved with philanthropy, they knew they wanted not just to give, but to invest by leveraging their donations in a way that would have lasting impact. The Aufrichts felt that the best way to help strengthen the community would be to focus on individuals who had the potential to become community leaders but were held back by financial need. With that in mind, in 2007, they set up the Aufricht Family Scholarship at Calgary Foundation. The scholarship is an award of $3,000 to $5,000 given each year to four to six students entering the University of Calgary or SAIT Polytechnic.

The Life Stages of Giving

Moving through life, your clients’ lifestyles and financial circumstances change and so do the ways they might choose to support their favourite charities and community organizations. People make different kinds of gifts at different times in life. Review a summary of common charitable gift options by age.

The Early Years

The Middle Ages

The Retirement Years

Life’s Milestones


The Basics of Creating a Charitable Plan

You’re already the expert when it comes to creating financial plans with your clients – but the area of philanthropic planning may be unfamiliar territory. What are some of the things you need to consider when initiating a charitable plan with your clients?

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