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Donor Resources

Community Grants
Recent grants are listed on our website and we can provide you with a confidential list of current Community Grant applicants, upon request. Organizations spanning the charitable sector submit applications in spring and fall for these grants, which receive the review of our staff and volunteer committees. The grants promote a healthy, vibrant community that embraces diversity and supports all of its members.

SPUR Magazine
Inspiring stories of philanthropists and community projects in an award-winning magazine that is produced each spring and fall.

Community Knowledge Centre
A website that connects you to the innovative work of charitable organizations that serve our communities.

Calgary’s Vital Signs Report
An annual community check-up that measures the vitality of our community and identifies significant trends, in a range of areas critical to quality of life.


Additional Resources

  • Individual charity websites – accessible through CKC (above) or internet searches
  • Internet searches for news articles and public announcements (ensure the source is reliable)
  • Trusted friends and family members
  • Direct conversations with charities


Searchable databases
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Charities Listing
Searchable listing of all registered charities in Canada; shares information from organizations’ annual Registered Charity Information Returns including revenues, expenses, compensation levels, Board members, basic description of programs, and contact information. While a very helpful resource, errors have been known to be made on this site so if something seems amiss, check other sources or call the charity.

Canada Helps
Online donation platform that provides descriptions and links to various Canadian charities.

Charity Intelligence
Rates a number of Canadian charities based on transparency, accountability, need and efficiency; focus is strongly on financial performance vs. social impact.


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