Creating a Charitable Plan

Canadians are looking to their advisors to play a role, helping and advising them about their charitable giving.

You’re already the expert when it comes to creating financial plans with your clients – but the area of philanthropic planning may be unfamiliar territory. What are some of the things you need to consider when initiating a charitable plan with your clients?

Wealth advisors and financial planners help enhance earnings; tax advisors help protect assets. When these skills can be coupled with guiding and informing your client’s charitable giving, the results and rewards can be most inspiring. At the Foundation, we encourage donors to share their charitable beliefs and plans with their family and heirs. When families unite around a founder’s belief in philanthropy, the legacies they create can reap enormous rewards for the entire family for several generations.

This Guide for Professional Advisors explores the topics below and provides insight and resources to help you enhance your philanthropic conversations with clients.

  • How to start the conversation on charitable giving
  • The basics of creating a charitable plan
  • How much should clients give to charity?
  • Involving the family in charitable planning
  • Identifying legitimate charitable organizations and their impact
  • Why your client might want to donate his or her best performing stock to charity
  • Donating real estate and private company shares to charity
  • Private foundations versus donor-advised funds

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