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Pandemic Recovery Program


We are listening to charities and our conversations with them are integral to help us identify how we can bridge the gaps and meet critical needs. In response, we have established the Pandemic Recovery Program to support all sectors serving our community.

We continue to operate as a 360-degree-grant-maker and the Pandemic Recovery Program is open to all registered charities in Calgary and area, as well as First Nations communities in Treaty 7 region.

Calgary Foundation will…

  • Redirect $2 million of our discretionary granting resources to the Program.
  • Match new donations made to the Pandemic Recovery Program (up to a maximum amount to be determined).
  • Cover administrative costs/credit card transaction fees so that 100% of donations are directed toward charities.

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Phase 2: Re-Entry and Re-building | Apply Now

Calgary Foundation will provide up to $5 million to support mid-term community re-entry strategies, rebuilding community programming, and strengthening charities to provide high-quality charitable services to Calgarians.

Examples of initiatives the Program will support include, but are not limited to:

  • Operational:  Costs associated with the ongoing day-to-day operations of the charity.  Includes: salaries, rent, existing programming, PPE, etc.
  • Programming:  Costs associated with the development, delivery, or evaluation of new programs.  Includes: salaries, program materials, promotion, etc.
  • Capacity Building:  Costs associated with the strengthening of a charity’s ability to deliver on its charitable mission.  Includes: consultants, professional development, organizational assessments, etc.
  • Capital:  Costs associated with the acquisition or upgrading of physical assets for the long-term benefit of the charity. Includes: renovations, technology hardware, converting programming space, etc.

Grant request deadline is midnight on October 5th.

Read the Pandemic Recovery Program Phase 2: Re-Entry and Rebuilding Guidelines to learn about eligibility and the new grant request process.

Watch the recorded presentation from September 14th HERE or the September 28th presentation HERE.

Please email us with questions.


Pandemic Recovery Program: Phase 2 Guidelines

Registered Canadian charities and other qualified donees*: Click on Grants Portal to start an application

*If your organization does not have this legal standing, you cannot apply on your own. Groups serving an equity-seeking population may be able to partner with a one of these organizations to qualify.

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