High School Students

IMPORTANT: For detailed award descriptions, download the HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AWARDS CRITERIA document.

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  • Heartstone Foundation Bursary – DEADLINE: May 1, midnight
    • For students in financial need graduating from Bowness High School or James Fowler High School and entering their first year of full-time studies at a Canadian technical school, college or university. Students must demonstrate strong citizenship qualities, positive character traits, and a commitment to their education. Bursaries are renewable for up to three years of consecutive study and cover tuition costs up to $5,500 annually.  
  • Aufricht Family Fund Student Award  DEADLINE: May 30, midnight
    • For students graduating from a Calgary high school (CBE or CCSD) entering full-time studies at the University of Calgary or SAIT. Applicants must have good academic standing, community involvement and financial need. Awards are valued at $3,000-$5,000 and are renewable for three years of consecutive study.
  • Julia Turnbull Leadership Scholarship  DEADLINE: May 30, midnight
    • For students entering first year of full-time undergraduate studies at a Canadian post-secondary directly from a Calgary High School (CBE or CCSD). Students must demonstrate school leadership (preferably through student politics), community leadership and initiative, and volunteerism (local and international). Five or more awards at $1,000 each are available.

  • Kyle Block Scholarship – DEADLINE: June 1, midnight
    • For a student in any year studying engineering, economics and law are, or have been active in competitive sport, music, fine arts or social justice issues through direct participation or volunteer activities, demonstrating high academic achievement and financial need, enrolled or awaiting confirmation of enrollment at a post-secondary in Alberta, Saskatchewan or British Columbia. One or more awards at a minimum of $2,500.
  • Shannon Burwash Award for Encouragement in Equine & Agricultural Studies Memorial Scholarship  DEADLINE: June 1, 2016 midnight
    • For students entering first or second year of study at a Canadian post-secondary in any field of study with emphasis on horses, agriculture, agri-business, animal health technology or equine veterinary medicine. Two awards valued at $1,000 each. 
  • Shelagh Mikulak Memorial Scholarship in Library Sciences  DEADLINE: June 1, midnight
    • For a student enrolled in a Library Technician program, Certificate Program, Undergraduate or Graduate degree at a Canadian post-secondary who demonstrates a passion for the library sciences field and is able to demonstrate financial need. One or more awards at approximately $1,000.
  • Owen Hart Foundation Award  DEADLINE: June 25, midnight
    • For students graduating Grade12 from Forest Lawn High School who plan to attend an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution in the upcoming academic year. Students are motivated toward improving their lives through education who have at least a 70 per cent average or above or gained acceptance to post-secondary. Ten or more awards valued at $4,000 each. Additional honorariums valued at $500 may be offered. 
  • Bill Gibson Bursary  DEADLINE: June 30, 2016 midnight
    • For a Grade 12 student graduating from a Calgary high school (CBE or CCSD), accepted to an undergraduate degree program full-time at a Calgary post-secondary. Student must be in need of financial support and able to demonstrate leadership in the Calgary community by volunteering through community organizations, athletics, and cultural activities. One bursary valued at approximately $7,500, renewable for three years of consecutive study. 
  • Fraser W. Lockwood Memorial Scholarship  DEADLINE: June 30, midnight
    • For a student entering first year full-time undergraduate studies upon graduation from Grade 12 from a Calgary high school (CBE or CCSD). Student is in need of financial support and has contributed to the community by volunteering through church, community organizations, athletics, and cultural or political activities. Preference will be given to students whose families have a connection to the Filipino community. One award valued at $2,500 minimum, renewable for three consecutive years of study.
Most of the Calgary Foundation’s awards are for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.