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Grants & Awards

The Calgary Foundation is a "360 Degree Grantmaker." We support organizations in all parts of the charitable sector, including Human Services, Arts & Heritage, Community Development, Environment & Animal Welfare, Faith & Religion, and Health & Wellness.

Grants fall into two broad categories:
  • Unrestricted Grants - registered charitable organizations can apply
  • Designated & Donor Advised Grants - with few exceptions, organizations cannot apply. We work with our extensive network of individuals, families, and corporations who have established Funds with us to ensure they are making the greatest positive impact on our community's most pressing needs.
Learn more about our granting streams & applicant eligibility by downloading: GRANTMAKING AT A GLANCE

The Calgary Foundation appreciates receiving recognition for initiatives we have supported. For more information on our recognition policy, please download: RECOGNITION GUIDELINES

Unrestricted Grants

Charities can apply for these grants
Community Grants
Neighbour Grants

Unique Opportunity Grants
Organization Transformation Grants
Semi-annual intake February and September, to support initiatives that respond to emerging community issues and evolving priorities 
Continuous intake, to support resident-led projects that help create and strengthen the ordinary bonds of neighbourlines
Continuous intake, limited in number and size, to support organizations to take advantage of unique opportunities to advance their workContinuous intake, moderate amounts for initiatives that support organizations in times of change toward sustaining the long term impact of their work.

Examples include: strategic transition or transformation planning, Board renewal, senior leadership change, exploring collaborations and mergers.

Charities and informal groups can apply:
Grassroots - Stepping Stones Grants
Continuous intake, to encourage active citizenship by helping residents undertake small creative projects - neighbourly first steps that benefit their local community