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Grants & Awards

The Calgary Foundation supports all parts of the charitable community. Grants and awards engage citizens in building their communities and strengthening charitable organizations now and into the future. Together with an extensive network of passionate individuals, families, and agencies, the Calgary Foundation responds to community needs and opportunities and advances vital community issues through its grants and awards.

The Foundation offers student awards for high school students, undergraduate and graduate students and athletics as well as unique awards for individuals and charities. In addition, eligible organizations are welcome to apply to the grant programs below to support their Calgary and area initiatives. Contact the identified Grants Staff by email or phone at 403-802-7724 in advance of making a grant request.

Grant Programs Brief Description Deadline

Community Grants

Help make Calgary and area a great place to live for everyone by strengthening all parts of the charitable sector and engaging citizens in building their communities.

February 15 and

September 10

Daryl K. Seaman Canadian Hockey Fund
Supports all aspects of amateur sports in Canada (particularly ice hockey).
November 12
Grassroots Grants
Support grassroots initiatives that help create and strengthen the ordinary bonds of neighbourliness and are guided or driven by people in their own communities.


(See Grassroots Grants webpage) 
Major & Signature Grants
Support initiatives with large-scale transformational impact that enrich the lives of many citizens - creating collaborative and vibrant communities.
November 1

Support small, time-sensitive strategic initiatives that:

  • Help transform charities into a new phase of growth or sustainability, or
  • Offer charities a unique opportunity to advance their work.

First of every month

Other than Stepping Stones, one of our Grassroots Grants, which is able to support other types of groups and organizations, eligible grant applicants are qualified donees as defined by the Income Tax Act of Canada. Go to Canada Revenue Agency’s website to see what types of organizations are qualified donees.

Most of the grant programs above are available to organizations operating in Calgary and area communities: Calgary, Banff National Park, Canmore, Rocky View County, and the Municipal Districts of Big Horn, Foothills, Kananaskis, Wheatland, and the surrounding First Nations. Refer to program guidelines for more information about specific eligibility criteria.

Remember to recognize the Calgary Foundation for the initiatives that it supports with grants. Download the Calgary Foundation’s Recognition Guidelines for more information.