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Cost Recovery (Annual)

The Calgary Foundation pays for service and investment management costs by recovering those costs from all its funds. The recovery of costs is calculated and charged monthly on the prior month’s ending market value. Policies regarding cost recovery are subject to ongoing review and change by The Foundation’s Board of Directors.

 Permanent Endowments*
Annual Cost Recovery % Applied to Each Tier
1st tier
1.25% on the first $1 million
2nd tier
1.00% on the next $5 million
3rd tier
0.90% on the next $14 million
4th tier
0.80% on the balance over $20 million

Flow-Through (non-endowed) Funds: 1.00% of each gift amount and 100% of interest income earned on all fund balances.

Charitable Organization Permanent Endowment Funds: Same as permanent endowments

Charitable Organization Funds Administered for Others
1st tier 
1.50% up to $1 million
2nd tier
1.25% on the next $5 million
3rd tier
1.05% on the next $14 million
4th tier
0.85% on the balance over $20 million

Student Award Endowment Funds: Cost Recovery 1.5%. One-time set-up $500 for Designated Award Funds; one-time set-up $750 for Donor Advised Award Funds.

Term Funds: +0.25% to "permanent endowment" cost recovery tier above.

Fund Minimums**

  • Permanent Endowment Funds: $10,000
  • Flow Through (non-endowed) Funds: $10,000
  • Charitable Organization Permanent Endowment Fund:  $10,000
  • Charitable Organization Funds Administered for Others : $250,000
  • Student Award Designated Permanent Endowment Fund: $10,000
  • Student Award Donor Advised Permanent Endowment Fund: $25,000
  • Long Term and Mid Term Funds: $100,000

*Permanent Endowment Funds are Funds wherein CF retains all capital contributions in perpetuity.

**The President has the authority to allow a Fund to be created with less than the fund minimum provided the donor has a plan in place to grow the Fund to the required minimum.

Updated March 2016