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Charitable Organization Funds

By placing your charitable organization's assets at the Calgary Foundation, you benefit from the Foundation's investment objectives to earn a rate of return over the long-term that preserves the real purchasing power of the capital.

1) Charitable Organization Endowment Funds create meaningful, long-term financial sustainability for a charity. Establishing this type of Fund by gifting the assets to the Foundation enables donors to make additional contributions, both living and testamentary.  Charities in good standing receive an annual distribution from the Fund, which provides a regular source of operating income to support the organization's working capital.

2) Funds Administered for Others are designed to meet your organization's needs for the investment of your assets, while still maintaining ownership.  These assets are also invested in the Foundation's primary endowment.

3) Donor Designated Funds are permanent endowment Funds established by a donor to support a charitable organization in perpetuity.  A Donor Designated Fun can be an effective tool for organizations focused on building long-term relationship with their donors.  As part of legacy planning discussions, an organization can suggest that establishing an endowment at the Calgary Foundation is an impactful way to benefit the charity in perpetuity, while honouring the legacy of the individual and/or family.

For more information about Charitable Organization or Funds Administered for Others, please contact our staff.