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Planting the SEEDS of Volunteerism

The Society, Environment and Energy Development Studies Foundation (SEEDS) provides over 8,000 Canadian students with energy and environmental education tools.  Established in 1975 to address the energy education gap, the Calgary-based charity now offers a variety of school programming, including online teaching modules about climate change and energy.

SEEDS most recent enterprise is their Volunteer Engagement Program Implementation. Funded by a Community Grant from the Calgary Foundation, the program aims to engage a higher number of teachers, students, sponsor employees, and citizens in their exciting initiatives. Diane Field, Executive Director of SEEDS, explains that the organization had not yet had a clearly defined volunteer engagement strategy, but recent developments in their programming presented new opportunities for more volunteers to get involved.

Hoping to engage talented volunteers and strengthen its capacity building within the community, SEEDS allocated a substantial part of the Calgary Foundation grant towards hiring a part-time Community Engagement Strategist.

While still in the early stages of volunteer engagement, SEEDS currently has a number of volunteer roles open. These positions include teachers and corporate sponsor employees who work directly in the classrooms, and "€œsustainability volunteers"€ who work casinos and fundraisers.

"€œThis work could not have been done without the support of the Calgary Foundation,"€ explains Field. "They have helped us form what we feel is a really solid foundation where we can do the [volunteer development] work correctly."€

Find out more at the SEEDS Foundation website.