Donor Profile: Kis Brothers

"I'€™m not a hero, I'm a regular guy, and while my primary focus right now is on building my career and my assets, that doesn't mean I can't set aside some money to do something for my community." - Benjamin Kis

Giving has always been a priority in Benjamin Kis' life.

As a child, he grew up with parents who shared valuable life lessons on generosity and community spirit by donating to charities, canvassing and volunteering their time.

Even as a young university student, Ben managed to carry out these family values by supporting causes that mattered to him. 

Now a 32-year-old accountant for EnCana, Ben and his wife, Heather, have decided that it'€™s time to take the next step in reaching their long-term philanthropic goals by establishing The Kis Brothers Fund at the Calgary Foundation

"Heather and I always planned to do more when we could afford it. Often we would discuss increasing our donations, but it always made sense to wait another year and re-evaluate," Benjamin recalls.

"€œSetting up an Endowment Fund seems to be a very practical option that will have lasting value for our community. Not only is it sustainable, but it's the beginning of a family legacy for my brothers and future generations."

The oldest of four brothers, Benjamin is serving as a role model for his family, "By setting up The Kis Brothers Fund, my wife and I are encouraging the entire family to get involved. We are looking forward to coming together and deciding as a family about what charities to recommend."

The Kis Brothers Fund reflects the true spirit of family philanthropy by combining generations of family values and directing them towards a common philanthropic purpose.

"This is a model of charitable giving that aligns with my beliefs of how to spend wisely,"€ Benjamin explains. "When you think about it, I'€™m quadrupling the value of my money. Through EnCana's Matching Gifts Program, my initial donation of $5,000 was matched, increasing the value of my Fund to $10,000 and then I receive a tax credit of $2,500."

When asked why he chose the Calgary Foundation, Ben explained,  "Charitable giving is not my area of expertise, so I wanted to leverage the resources of the Calgary Foundation and their knowledge of community needs."