Connected to the Heart

photo credit: Jim Pescott 

According to 66 year-old internationally-acclaimed “Pointillism Master” Jim Pescott, “Our life stories are always connected to our heart.” The Karen Lynn Pescott Foundation Fund is at the heart of Pescott’s life story. 

For seventeen years, Pescott has been an artist in Alberta painting beautiful landscapes for his admirers to enjoy. He has done this in such unique fashion by painting with dots, a technique known as “pointillism”. 

He is known at the Foundation for starting the Karen Lynn Pescott Foundation Fund. Established in honour of his late wife, Karen Lynn Pescott, back in 2008, the fund has perpetuated her name as he had hoped it would, in light of her love for teaching.

It wasn’t until two months prior to Karen’s passing while doing some simple research into trust funds that Pescott decided he wanted to not only leave Karen’s legacy behind, but focus on literacy as the founding principle of the endowment.  

“Children who do not know how to read have a life filled with problems,” he said. 

Pescott recalls how Karen was always doing something to help children read and found joy in doing so. She even helped adults with learning to read, covering the family importance of literacy. 

“Learn the skills of reading, learn to love reading,” according to Pescott. 

The goals surrounding the Fund include the investment in the development of the future, helping a child learn how to read as an aspect of family, and ultimately, increasing the quality of family life. Pescott has seen the actual experience, energy and environment of teaching someone to read, and has had the feeling of being a part of it, a part of Karen’s passion. 

“That’s the magic of it,” he says. 

Pescott is optimistic in finding ways to grow the Fund. Although busy with showcasing his paintings around the globe, he believes finding ways to increase the Fund will “come to [him] someday.”

“We don’t leave windows open. If you’re open to what comes, something amazing can happen.”