Calgary Multicultural Orchestra

Strings for Me Adventure

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the International Avenue Arts and Culture Centre (IAACC), our city can look forward to a new and iconic arts centre anchored in the cultural haven of East Calgary.

Even as they fundraise towards their goal, IAACC is making a difference in the community. By offering the Calgary Multicultural Orchestra in community locations across the Greater Forest Lawn area IAACC is already introducing youth to orchestra music in a warm, culturally-inclusive and affordable environment.

Recently, the parents group of the Calgary Multicultural Orchestra ran a Neighbour Grants-supported project to host the year-end recital at Cantos. This project introduced the youth, their families and the community to one of Calgary'€™s most celebrated performance spaces and music hubs.  Additionally, the project provided parents with a practical and meaningful way to build friendships and work together as a team for the benefit of their children and the community.

 To learn more: International Avenue Arts and Culture Centre.